Membership is strictly by invitation only. To be considered as an associate partner you are required to:

Have a sound reputation and be well recommended by your peers (written confirmation from a current member stating the benefit you will bring to the club for the good of all members will be required).

Be interested in sharing experiences to educate, inspire, and drive others.

Be open to champion other members where appropriate.

Annual membership of The Real Entrepreneurs Club is £2,000 + VAT

Membership entitles you to attend two dinners with four guest places at each dinner.

You will also receive details of each individual who attends both dinners.

You will have the opportunity to stand in the ‘spotlight’ allowing you to source new commercial and professional contacts and services.

Membership is non-transferable and held by the individual, not the company.

No more than two guests per company are permitted at each dinner.

Your guests may attend one event each year. This is to ensure we have a constant mix of new faces and ideas.

If you wish to join the Real Entrepreneurs Club, please submit your interest.