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Guests at the Generation Next Awards 2023

East Midlands business talent of tomorrow to be celebrated at Generation Next Awards 2024

Selection of finalists for the Generation Next Awards 2024 is set to begin, after nominations closed last week.

Judges are on the lookout for standout candidates under the age of 35 in the East Midlands that demonstrate flair and business skill.

Bustler Market in Derby will host the Generation Next Awards ceremony on July 4. The celebration has featured live entertainment, arcade games and street food in previous years.

East Midlands Chamber Director of Resources and Generation Next Lead Lucy Robinson said: “To win a prestigious Generation Next Award is something quite special.  It shines a light on a young person as being someone that has impressed in the East Midlands business community.

“The wide range of categories means that whether someone you know has a special skill, great ideas or has some real sparkle that shows in their work, there might be a Generation Next award with their name on it.

“The judging panel are always bowled over by the immense business talent we have amongst young people in the East Midlands and I’m very much looking forward to the announcement of finalists on April 24.”

Nathan Addai won the Generation Next award for Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity in 2023for not-for-profit brand Mental Roots that aims to improve mental health support for underrepresented communities.

He said: “The recognition is greatly appreciated, especially as I was also shortlisted for a Creators Award.   There have been connections I gained from the awards ceremony – both client and mentorship wise.

“I think the biggest way this award is helping me is that it is further proof to me that my voice, skills and experience are highly needed within EDI and creative work…. it’s not just about the prize, it’s also about the relationships, feedback and other opportunities you can gain while pursuing the award.”

The list of categories for the Generation Next Awards 2024:

·       Generation Next Future Leader, sponsored by University of Derby

·       Start-up Award, sponsored by Nottingham University Business School

·       Innovation and Technology Award, sponsored by Hardy Signs

·       Customer Service Award, available for sponsorship

·       Volunteering and Charitable Impact Award, sponsored by ITS Technology Group

·       Entrepreneur of the Year Award, available for sponsorship

·       Apprentice of the Year Award, sponsored by Loughborough College

·       Environmental Warrior Award, sponsored by Hydropath Technology Group

·       Creators and Makers Award, available for sponsorship

·       Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Award, sponsored by Futures Housing Group

·       Rising Star Award, sponsored by Nottingham Trent University

·       Investing in Young Talent Award – new for 2024, available for sponsorship


Tickets for the Generation Next Awards 2024 can be purchased here.

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